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Greetings from the president
Live in globalization.
Establish "KOBAYASHI brand".

We have made effort for technical accumulation to meet customers' needs,  also for acquiring strong company power with our company policy "Ingenuity",  "Unity", and "Stableness" since the company had established.

We have expanded overseas for longer than 20 years.

In the situation that the international competition is getting fierce more and more  in this storm of globalization,
We aim to make the company which work on the activity for 'survive' collaborating  with oversea factories, make the head office suitable as the hub factory.

Affiliated system company has been incorporated with us since 2016,
We perform business activity including overseas factories led by  manufacturing division and system division at the present.

Apr, 2018
Masakazu Kobayashi
Masakazu Kobayashi

Kobayashi Industrial

KOBAYASHI INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. Shizuoka-pref. western area (Hamamatsu city, Iwata city)

Continuous Process production of motorcycle and automobile parts, Combined processing work, Consultation of new or complex products.
(machining, grind, gear cutting, broach, press, welding)