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ISO Quality policy
We obtained ISO9001 attestation, that is the international standard for quality management system,
in Feb. 2003.
Systems and prodedures that is acceptable to the world, Reliable products that is respond to the customers.
Kobayashi Industrial has carried out the business attitude in  accordance with our company policy, 'inventive idea','unity','stableness'. Reached the  21st century, we will keep up with the times and needs, provide the products  with the policy showing next stage, aim at customers' satisfaction and company's development.

Action policy
1 Our products ensure safety and reliability, we provide the products to be trusted  by customers.
2 Our products are always certain about obedience to the law, quantity, quality  and delivery.  And, we aim at steady development of company through contribution to customers'  satisfaction.
3 As to product manufacturing, all the stuff keep on working on quality system  improvement through own roles.
To achieve quality policy, we set up the targets about the following matters  and act for them.
1. Achievement of serious complaint ZERO.
2. Pursuit of quality proven by data on production preparation and manufacturing.
3. Achievement of quality evaluation rank by main customer.
4. Thoroughness in defective decrease.
5. Establishment of quality management system and continual improvement.
Based on quality policy, we set up the targets of company divisions and groups,  make specific plans aiming at accomplishment of targets, carry out policy deployment.
The president does all effort to that quality policy and quality targets are fully  understood and executed by all stuff through the education and training.
To maintain properness of quality policy and targets, review is executed through  quality assurance meeting, internal audit, and management review if necessary  catching the change of customer needs.
Operation of quality management system conform ISO9001-2008 requirement matters,  we work on continuous improvement of effectiveness as well.

Revised APR, 1st. 2008
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