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ISO Environment policy
 We obtained ISO14001 attestation, that is the international standard for environment  management
  system, in Feb 2001.
Environment philosophy
Kobayashi Industrial work on environment management activity  for the future of global environment as common problem for all humanity now,  with our slogan "Technology and device to protect the nature,  blue sky to leave in the future".
Action policy
Hamamatu is a city that grew up musical instruments and motorcycle industries  that our company is related, also the area that is blessed with rich natural  environment such as Tenryu-river, or open sea of Ensyu, and so on.
We have developed metal parts manufacturing business with our motto inventive  idea and unity in this given rich nature. And now, environmental deterioration  like global warming phenomenon is issued on. In such a situation, we will develop  environmental management activity aiming at harmony of environment and people  and business activity with following environmental policies.

1 Formation of environmental management

 We establish environmental management system and try continual improvement,  with understanding environmental impact related to manufacturing and processing,  considering productivity to the maximum, concerning adaptation of the best  technology within the possible range, and, preventing environmental pollution.
2 Observance of law and other required particulars

We obey regulations and laws related to environment and other required particulars  we agreed with, and aim at operation and maintenance.

3 Decrease of negative environmental impact in routine

In the environmental impact given by the business activity and products, we do  environmental protection and environmental improvement activity , and review  regularly giving priority on the following items.
1. Promotion of energy-saving (electricity, fuel, etc) for global  warming prevention.
2. Reduction of waste (wasted oil, etc) and promotion of recycling.
3. Pursuit of resource saving (steel metal, etc) technically and  economically as much as possible.
4. Promotion of activity connected with profitable side  (reduction of defective products, etc).
4 Improvemet of environmental presevation and environmental improvement consideration

All the stuff recognize correctly the impact on the environment by daily life,  also, learn and deepen the understandings to be able to behave paying attention to  environmental preservation and environmental improvement.

5 Coexistance with regional community

 We aim at being active in regional environmental preservation activity for  regional beautification campaign, coexistence with regional communities,  and value for being in communication with them.
Revised APR, 1st. 2004  

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