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Medium-term management plan
Kobayashi Industrial
Business Plan 2018

1, Effective utilization of people, equipment
  and space.
2, Action with speed, correspondence.
3, Proactive efforts to overseas projects.
4, Increase the ability of employees
  to perform their duties.

[Profit improvement activities]
 1, Strengthen business development
 2, Technological development improvement
 3, Participation in New Business Field Project
 4, Participation in Overseas Projects
[Company Wide activities]
 1,  Improve productivity (cost reduction)
 2,  Quality improvement (loss cost reduction)
 3,  Skill improvement (Improve organizational
  skills and individual skills)
 4,  Practice of the corporate social responsibility

Kobayashi Industrial

KOBAYASHI INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. Shizuoka-pref. western area (Hamamatsu city, Iwata city)

Continuous Process production of motorcycle and automobile parts, Combined processing work, Consultation of new or complex products.
(machining, grind, gear cutting, broach, press, welding)