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Business field
Design engineer , Production engineering , Quality control
Number of job offer
New graduate one or two persons
How to apply
Please come to our office after contact by phone (at any time)
Personnel requirements
Person who expects to graduate from college,  junior college or vocational college in March, 2019
How to select
Interview, Aptitude test, General education test,  Documentary examination
Required documentation
Curriculum vitae , Graduate expectation certificate , Transcript
Starting salary  (ex.)
College graduate(engineering)  JPY203,000
Junior college, Vocational college graduate (engineering)  JPY185,000
high school graduate(engineering)  JPY177,000
high school graduate(general - duties grade)  JPY169,000
Commuting allowance, Meal allowance,  Family allowance, Overtime allowance and so on
Once a year ( April )
Twice a year ( July & December )
Employment location
Terawaki factory (Hamamatsu city), Iwata factory (Iwata city)
Working hours
8:00 - 16:55
110 days a year
Welfare program
Insurances, Company house
Membership facilities
Tsumagoi, Workers mutual aid association, Hamanako amusement park-PalPal, Xiv (Karuizawa, Yamanakako lake, Tateshina, Izu, Toba)
and so on
Qualifications acquisition support , Trainings participation
Terawaki factory  General affairs office
[TEL]  053-441-2871   [FAX]  053-441-9435

Employing a experienced person
Hiring requirements
Press Die Design engineer , Die & JIG making engineer
More than work experience five years
Please refer on a "job application"

Kobayashi Industrial Co. Ltd.

KOBAYASHI INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. Shizuoka-pref. western area (Hamamatsu city, Iwata city)

Continuous Process production of motorcycle and automobile parts, Combined processing work, Consultation of new or complex products.
(machining, grind, gear cutting, broach, press, welding)