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Kobayashi Industrial is good at
the start-to-finish production of
the transportation equipment
parts of motorcycles and the four-wheeled vehicles.
We produce the products with the combination of processing on an assembly line in-house, Therefore we can contribute to shorter delivery times and a cost cut. Please consult with us about the complicated processing or shaping parts.

Kobayashi Industrial
We perform the press working of the metal sheets mainly with the die which are produced by ourselves. As for the thickness of the metal sheets, processing is possible to up to 13mm. We cope with plasticity processing. In addition, the processing such as aluminum or the stainless steel is possible, too.

Kobayashi Industrial
We cope with processing / combined processing  such as cutting, abrasive, gear-cut, broaching,  thread rolling of various shapes, material.

Kobayashi Industrial

We own a lot of robot welding equipment and meet the demand of wide variety  of customers such as the products from small-size to large-size,  complicated shapes. We mainly produce the engine part, the frame part and the important  safety-related-parts that strength are required.

Quality Control
Kobayashi Industrial

We perform thorough quality control from the design stage of dies and various jigs,  the production to the guarantee of strength and quality of our products.

Kobayashi Industrial

KOBAYASHI INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. Shizuoka-pref. western area (Hamamatsu city, Iwata city)

Continuous Process production of motorcycle and automobile parts, Combined processing work, Consultation of new or complex products.
(machining, grind, gear cutting, broach, press, welding)