PT.KOBAYASHI AUTOPARTS INDONESIA is based in the Jababeka industrial park on the outskirts of Jakarta, and manufactures and sells Transmission parts for motorcycles/motor vehicle and various engine parts.
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The reliable "GEMBA-POWER" (workplace capabilities) that was supported by thorough employee education.
We contribute to a Customer by supplying low price and  the high quality products steadily to a Customer.

Press parts
Thick thickness increase processed valve
Half pierce and trim processing
High tension material press drawing
Half pierce and trim processing

Press composite parts

Transmission mechanism parts (for motorcycles)
Transmission mechanism parts
Transmission mechanism parts

Automotive parts
transmission parts
Shift guide parts

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Quality management

Quality control that thoroughly aims at all good products.
All employees will work together to provide quality that satisfies our customers.


Inspection equipment
CMM (Three-dimensional measurer)
Shape measuring instruments
Surface roughness meter
Microscope measuring instrument
Amsler type universal tester

CMM (Three-dimensional measurer)
Three-dimensional measurer

Shape measuring instruments
Shape measuring instruments
Amsler type universal tester
Amsler type universal tester

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A wide lineup of equipment such as cutting, polishing, gear cutting, broaching, pressing and welding realizes consistent processing from materials and enables the production of highly precise composite processing parts.
In addition, a full range of measuring and testing equipment  backs up the high level of quality.

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Management policy
We will contribute to customers by ensuring stable supply of low price,  high quality products supported by thorough employee education.

 100% delivery on time.

 Quality control aiming at the all quantity good item thoroughly.

 Securing excellent talent through instruct and training.

 The continuation of the production control system which can surely carry out what is a matter of course.

 The stable labor-management relations.

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