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  [Scope of certification:Transportation equipment parts manufacturing and instrument parts manufacturing]
ISO (Environment / Quality) Integration Policy
We obtained ISO 14001 certification for environmental management system in February 2001
and ISO 9001 for quality management system in February 2003.
Action policy
Hamamatsu, where our motorcycle and musical instrument industries grew up, is also an area blessed with a rich natural environment along the Tenryu River and the Sea of Enshu.
In this privileged nature, we have developed metal parts processing based on the company philosophy of "ingenuity", "unity", and "stableness". While various environmental deterioration such as the global warming phenomenon is screamed, our company aims to harmonize the "environment, people and business activities", and conducts environmental management activities with the slogan "Technology and ingenuity to protect nature, the Blue Sky left in the Future".
With the aim of establishing the “KOBAYASHI brand”, we aim to contribute to customer satisfaction and develop the company by providing high-quality products that ensure safety and reliability based on the spirit of the company motto.

1 Integrated management system construction

Recognize the environmental impact of parts processing and manufacturing, take into consideration the maximum possible economy, adopt the best possible technology to prevent environmental pollution, and all employees play their roles Establish an integrated (environmental / quality) management system through continuous improvement.
2 Compliance with laws and other requirements

We will comply with laws and regulations related to the environment / quality, regulations, and other requirements agreed by our company, and will maintain them.

3-1 Reduce environmental impact in daily work

In the environmental impact of business activities and processed products, the following items will be focused on environmental conservation and environmental improvement activities, and will be reviewed regularly.
1 Promote energy conservation (electricity, fuel, etc.) to prevent global warming
2 Reduce waste (waste oil, etc.) and promote recycling
3 Pursue resource saving (steel materials, etc.) as much as possible technically and economically
4 Promotion of activities that lead to beneficial aspects (reduction of defective products, etc.)
3-2 Achieving quality goals

Based on the integrated (environment / quality) policy, set business unit goals and group goals, develop a specific plan for the following items to achieve the goals, and implement the policies.
1 Achieving zero important claim
2 Reduction of company-wide loss cost and defect rate (PPM)
3 Achieving key customer quality goals

4 Raise awareness of environmental / quality improvement

We will strive to ensure that all employees learn and deepen their understanding so that they can be aware of the environmental impacts of their daily lives and always be aware of environmental conservation and environmental / quality improvements.
5 Situation recognition and continuous improvement

In order to maintain the appropriateness of the integration (environment / quality) policy and environment / quality objectives, we will review changes in the social environment and customer needs, as necessary, through quality assurance meetings, internal audits, and management reviews.

6 Symbiosis with the community

Actively engage in local environmental conservation activities in the surrounding beautification movement, and symbiosis with respect to communication with the community.

Update April 1, 2022
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Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd.

February 2003
[ Acquired ISO9001 certification ]
International standards for
quality management systems

February 2001
[ Acquired ISO14001 certification ]
International standard for
environmental management system