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Offer details
We have a field where you can make full use of your "technology" and "ideas". In the future, we are looking for "Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd." to be active at the forefront of the world and those who can grow up with us for your future.
What is most necessary for our work is the ability to think about things logically and the ability to think in order to realize the purpose.

job opening type
 Software engineer
Business:Software development
Software specification review, software structure design, programming, debugging, actual machine verification
Required skills
· Knowledge of any programming language, programming ability(Work uses C programming language + some assembler, but knowledge of C programming language is not necessarily required if there is programming ability and an attitude to learn the language required for work)
· Ability to explain things logically(Indispensable to explain the accuracy of software and its operation to customers)
· Willingness to constantly improve the current situation and ability to generate ideas (Ability to continue to follow high-quality, high-efficiency software development)
Skills that will benefit if you have
· Knowledge of C programming language and assembly language
· Knowledge about electrical and electronic circuits (ability to read circuit diagrams)
· Knowledge of software design tools such as state transition diagrams and data flow diagrams
· Ability to handle oscilloscopes and function generators
· Knowledge of software development process
· Knowledge of microcomputer operation mechanism
· Knowledge of how the vehicle (automobile, motorcycle, etc.)

 System Engineer
 Project Manager
Business: Software development and process review
Software specification review, software structure design, development process improvement, development method improvement, Software development, process management

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Business field
Software engineer, System engineer, Project manager
How to apply
Please come to our office after contact by phone (at any time)
Personnel requirements
Those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from a university, junior college or vocational school.Mid-career recruitment is also conducted as needed.
How to select
Interview, Aptitude test, General education test, Documentary examination
Required documentation
Curriculum vitae , Graduate expectation certificate , Transcript
Decide according to ability
Commuting allowance, housing allowance, special bonus, and so on.
Employment location
Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture,
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture ,
Shizuoka Prefecture West Region
Working hours
8:30 - 17:15
110 days a year
Welfare program
Various insurances, company housing
Membership facilities
Qualifications acquisition support , Trainings participation
General Affairs Office, System Division

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Privacy policy (about handling information)
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·To answer the inquiry and opinions.

·To correspond to other mails.
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·Where statistical processing is used to create processed data that  does not identify an individual.

Acquired information is not provided to a third party except for the following cases.

·When mail sender agrees.

·When requesting correspondence to other administrative organs, independent  administrative agencies so that the appropriate agency can respond.

·When release is requested by law, etc.

·When it is necessary to prevent mail sender or public life, health,  property from significant damage.

·When mail sender claims to release, change, or delete the acquisition  information, we will answer the claim as long as there is no special reason  after confirmed it is the person in question.