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Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd. Systems Division specializes in developing motor vehicle ECUs and control software for embedded systems.

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 Business policy 


We provide a high quality of software designed to be used by customers with confidence.
To acquire the technical capabilities to propose software systems that satisfy customers.
To establish a good development methods of efficiency to meet the customer's request.
1  We provide a high quality of software designed to be used by customers with confidence.
In software development, it is a minimum requirement that the software we create works as designed.
We always try to keep the quality of the software at a high level.
2  To acquire the technical capabilities to propose software systems that satisfy customers.
If the things that the software was trying to realize deviated from the customers' intentions, the value to the customers would be halved, regardless of how high the software itself was.
We always keep in mind that it is important to understand what the customer wants to do and to realize it with the software we develop.
3  To establish a good development methods of efficiency to meet the customer's request.
Development methods for maintaining the quality of software have been advocated.
However, it may take many time to realize it. However, the movement of the world is fast, and software is often required to be developed in a short time.
In order to create quality software within the delivery date of the customer, we will improve the method and always maintain the stance of improving development efficiency.

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 Business outline 
Our job is to develop high quality software quickly.
In this session, we will introduce our work.
The contents that can be introduced on the website will be limited to a  small part, but it would be appreciated if we could get a chance to  understand the "Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd. System Division".

  Business Case

Motor vehicle ECU software development
Kobayashi Industrial ECU In recent motor vehicle, many functions that have been realized in machine parts have been replaced with electronic devices. Many motor vehicle are equipped with a large number of ECUs (Electric Control Units), which are responsible for improving safety, achieving energy savings, and improving operability.
The ECU is equipped with a microcomputer that maintains reliability in harsh environments, and the software installed in it realizes  the functions of the ECU.
We were in charge of the particular software development of important ECU  Among these many ECU.  The ECU is now used domestically and abroad.
[Example] Software for electric power steering ECU, software for airbag ECU etc.
Software development that meets the needs
We will challenge in various fields regardless of embedded software for motor vehicle only.
Based on our experience in handling important motor vehicle safety components, we will work with partner companies Entech Co.,Ltd. and Neo Co.,Ltd. in design, implementation, verification, and various other tasks with the intention of producing reliable products.
[Example]LSI design and verification, money changer simulator software, transportation planning system (DB + client software), etc.
Local Contribution and Investment in the Future
Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd. Systems Division, together with Entech Co., Ltd., participates in the Hamamatsu IT Kids Project.
In order to foster the next generation of IT personnel, we make teaching materials and teach children.
I always get enthusiasm from the figure of the children who inhale a lot of technology with shining eyes.
[Responsible] IT robot instructors, other instructor assistants, etc.

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 Staff introduction 
Provide advanced processes with reliable quality.
We introduce our staff who pursue new ideas and respond flexibly without compromising the current situation.

  Staff introduction

Make embedded software developers live better
Leader of Software development
I want to refine highly reliable design methods and improve the status of embedded software developers.
With the advancement of various systems, our lives are becoming more comfortable.
On the other hand, I think that the opportunity to hear the failure of various systems is increasing with the high functionality.
Currently, I am involved in software development for automotive ECUs.
This work, of course, requires a higher quality design than anything else.
However, it is not easy to obtain specific and appropriate design methods in the literature or seminars.
Therefore, it is necessary to select an appropriate method from various methods, and to improve and operate it in accordance with the actual development work content.
As a result of the accumulation of these things, we will create sophisticated design methods that we have devised independently.
Thus, the "design quality standard" in the software development field is currently defined independently for each organization.
Of course, we also refine our own standards, and we also aim to propose common standards as a high quality software development field.
In order to make the system high quality and obtain a more “safe” and comfortable life, it is necessary to establish a specific high quality design method and define the skills necessary to carry it out.
And we believe that the result of our efforts will lead us to "qualify" software development engineers themselves and gain a more solid position.
In order to refine design methods and improve software development, development of motor vehicle software that requires high quality is a very worthwhile task.
Use of knowledge and experience of student days
While I was in university, I heard from a senior who became a member of society that the knowledge I had learned among the students was not useful.
I misunderstood this and simply thought, "My knowledge has never been useful." And now, as I continue my work, what I feel anew is, "It depends on the person's problem awareness and problem solving ability whether or not they can use their knowledge". I feel that the knowledge I have actually learned among the students is useful in many ways.
If you do not understand the problem properly, you can not, of course, use your knowledge. If analysis is not appropriate, effective measures can not be made using knowledge. I feel that these places are the part where there is a difference among people in actual work.
In addition, I think it is very meaningful to be involved in organizational management and team projects among the students. There are so many people involved in a product, and even software development alone does not have to be completed by one person. I think that the ability to collaborate, study, and bring out the strength of oneself and others is more valuable than anything else.
One day's schedule
07:00-08:00 Business trip preparation towards Kanagawa prefecture
08:00-10:00 Travel by Shinkansen
10:00-12:00 Custom IC Design Reviewー
12:00-13:00 Lunch (the other company and cutlet set meal)
13:00-18:00 Dedicated, custom IC design review (basically, ended in peace)
18:00-21:00 Go home on the Shinkansen
21:00- I'm hungry, I think that the food at home is delicious, and I go to bed after having a good time with my family

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