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Privacy policy   (about handling information)
Neither the content of the mail gotten in the inquiry form nor the mail address
(hereafter, it is described "acquisition information") are used except  the following purposes.

·To answer the inquiry and opinions.

·To correspond to other mails.
(acquired information is never quoted for the answers to other mails.)

·Where statistical processing is used to create processed data that does not identify an individual.

Acquired information is not provided to a third party except for the following cases.

·When mail sender agrees.

·When requesting correspondence to other administrative organs, independent  administrative agencies so that the appropriate agency can respond.

·When release is requested by law, etc.

·When it is necessary to prevent mail sender or public life, health,  property from significant damage.

·When mail sender claims to release, change, or delete the acquisition  information, we will answer the claim as long as there is no special reason  after confirmed it is the person in question.