KOBAYASHI A small factory built in the post-war burnt fields. Please take a look at the history of Kobayashi-Ind. starting from Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory, which mainly manufactures parts for motorcycles and musical instruments.
History of KOBAYASHI
Founding  Everything started here

Nippon Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (current Yamaha Corporation) Received an order for processing of cam levers and camshafts for motorcycle YA-1 type brakes.
Taking this opportunity, GSK Kobayashi Iron Works started processing motorcycle parts.
Universal precision gear cutter MICRON Universal precision gear cutter"MICRON"
Established Kowa Manufacturing in Shoji Kobayashi's home (Aioi-cho, Hamamatsu City) as a specialized factory for gear cutting.
Shoji Kobayashi goes to Tokyo and purchases a used gear cutter (NM-130, universal precision gear cutter, commonly called "MICRON") for 970.000 yen.
At that time, Kowa Manufacturing was a pioneer in introducing "MICRON" gear cutters in the Hamamatsu area.
The Kobayashi Iron Works Nakajima Factory was producing musical instrument parts, but it began remodeling the old lathe and starting broaching.
At that time, companies with broaching technology in the Hamamatsu area were rare, and they were busy with many orders.
In addition, Combined with Kowa Manufacturing's gear cutting, the ability to perform both gear cutting and broaching became a strength, and it became a valuable resource for customers.
In the second half of the year, a new broaching machine was purchased to improve productivity.
Company formation  a new start

Fully-operated Yamaha Motor Co.
Fully-operated Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Production process (Hamana factory)
Nakajima Factory of Kobayashi Iron Works separated and, established Kobayashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with capital of 1 million yen. Acquired the cooperation factory certification from Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Kowa Manufacturing was renamed and Limited company Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory was established with a capital of 200.000 yen.
Acquired the cooperation factory from Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
It became the de facto start of Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd.
In December of this year, the capital of Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory was increased to 500.000 yen.
Purchased factory site in Ryuzenji, Hamamatsu City.
In September of this year, the capital of Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory was increased to 1 million yen.
Constructed a new factory on the factory site in Ryuzenji.
The Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory first moved, followed by the Kobayashi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd..
The organ key mounting bracket, which had previously been made of steel, was changed to aluminum.
In addition, production of center rails for pianos began in this year.
Business expansion  KOBAYASHI's new challenge

Kobayashi Seiki Seisakusho
Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory Teramiwaki Minami Factory completed in Terawaki Town
Established the Terakiwaki Factory in the ironworking complex in Terawaki, Hamamatsu City.
Started in-house production of molds.
As a result, organ leg processing, which took about 20 minutes per machine, can now be done in 2 minutes. This greatly contributed to the increase in the production of electric organs in Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
After that, we worked to improve machinery and tools so that new employees who just graduated from junior high school could engage in work immediately after joining the company.
A rolling machine was introduced at Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory.
The work that took 40 seconds to 2 minutes with a gear cutter was completed in just 2 seconds.
In September, the manufacturing departments of Kobayashi Seiki Manufactory and Kobayashi Manufacturing Co. were merged to establish Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd. with a capital of 8 million yen.
Yamaha Motor Co. launches Snowmobile.
We processed column skis, which are the connecting part between the ski and the handle.
A motorcycle assembly plant is completed at Yamaha Motor Co. Iwata factory.
From this time, the company's production of motorcycles increased rapidly.Our company, a partner factory, was also forced to make capital investments as soon as possible.
Manufactured hot water boiler parts and delivered them to Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The company has also begun diversifying with the launch of a bathroom vanity along with a hot water boiler this year.
On the other hand, Yamaha Motor Co. was also steadily set up for further production expansion, with the completion of the Yamaha Parts Center in February and the operation of the Nakase Factory in December.
The production of furniture that Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been suspended since 1957 is resumed, and unit furniture and single-piece foot furniture are released as the first step. We received an order for the manufacture of furniture and table legs.
The unit furniture sold much more than originally expected due to the merit of additional installation and excellent functionality.
Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. electric grand pianos (CP-70, 80).
We received an order for the CP-70 stand.
Construction of a warehouse at the Terawaki factory
To the next era A big turning point and a big leap forward

Masakazu Kobayashi CEO
Masakazu Kobayashi as president
Appointed Masakazu Kobayashi as President and Representative Director, along with the death of founder Shoji Kobayashi.
Started QC activity “Go-Up Activity”. Create a group for each workplace and engage in activities.
Developed the first production management system by introducing a computer.
Started business with Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
In March, Established Entech Co., Ltd. for software development.
In July, Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. released the Clavinova CVP series. The company has begun production of Clavinova since 1982, and this CVP series became a major driving force for the spread of Clavinova, which was expected as the "third instrument" following piano and Electone.
In November, the Clavinova CLP series was released, and we manufactured the legs of Gravinova.
Electone HX
Electone HX released this year. By adopting the unit method, the world of Electone was further expanded.
Started business with Atsumi Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Received an order for Electone related parts from Nippon Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Frames, knee levers, pedal boxes, etc. were manufactured.
Established Ryuzenji Kita Factory and Nanyo Parts Warehouse to expand the assembly process.
In May, a CAD design system was introduced.The design was made more sophisticated and efficient.
Developed die height adjustment machines “DA-100M” and “DA-800M” for press dies.
Established a total production management system by bringing each factory online.
Received an order for production of Toshiba dryer parts.
The company color was changed to yellow and the uniform was renewed.
Constructed a new Ryuzenji factory.
A universal precision gear cutter introduced by Kowa Seisakusho at the time of its establishment was displayed at the entrance.
Die height adjuster
Die height adjuster for press machine
In April, we received the partner company's best award from Yamaha Corporation.
Our company's product, Die Height Adjuster for Press, obtained a patent.
It was registered in the Patent Register of the Patent Office on June 7.
To the world  Look to the world and fly to the world

The second person from the right is President Kobayashi
In May, Established Ryuyo factory. Moved the shaft processing workplace from the Terawaki factory and started operation. The birth of the Ryuyo factory will balance both aggressive expansion overseas and further enhancement of domestic production bases. It was a valuable first step towards a "Glocal Company".
In October, KOBEYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND)LTD. Was established and started operations with a capital of 7.5 million baht for the purpose of expanding markets in Thailand and neighboring countries.
Received an excellence award from Yamaha Corporation.
In April, Started business with Yamaha Corporation's Living Kitchen Division. Started production of kitchen chairs and dust wagons.
Received an excellence award from Yamaha Corporation.
In July, the shaft processing of the Ryuyo factory was integrated, and the polishing processing equipment was relocated from the Terawaki factory.
In October, the capital of KOBEYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND) LTD. Was increased to 31,5 million baht.
Received an excellence award from Yamaha Corporation.
In August, a new plant of KOBEYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND)LTD. Was completed.
(Site area 7.200m2/ Building area 1.500m2)
In March, established PT.KOBAYASHI AUTOPARTS INDONESIA in Indonesia.
Production will begin in October.
In April, the musical instrument parts division was spun off. Integrated with Ishii Corporation System Division to establish KIS Co., Ltd.
KOBAYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND)LTD. Factory expanded.(2.266m2)
In April, KOBEYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND)LTD. Was expanded.(The floor area is 4.090m2)
In August, the KIS Co., Ltd. production division was consolidated at the Toyooka factory.
As a result, Kobayashi Industrial Co.,Ltd. has a production base with three production sites: Terawaki Factory, Iwata Factory, and Ryuzenji Factory.
Group  For further challenges

Started corporate development as a group.
In December, the Iwata Factory was expanded.
In September, KOBEYASHI AUTOPARTS (THAILAND)LTD. Second factory completed.
In December, Started operation of solar power generation system at Iwata factory.
In January, Started operation of self-consumption solar power generation system at Terawaki factory.
In April, Nobuhiro Kobayashi appointed President and Representative Director.